The foundation of Nupo rests on three pillars: the nutritional powder, the block system and the scientific evidence.

This ensures consumers receive proper nutrition while enjoying safe and lasting weight loss.

Since 1981, the obesity research group at Hvidovre Hospital has continuously developed and tested Nupo’s products in a number of control groups, making Nupo the world’s best documented Very Low Calorie Diet.

Studies show that the quicker and more weight you lose, the better you will keep your weight down in the future. Another major international study has shown that people who lose weight by using a powder diet maintain greater weight loss after four to five years than people who lose weight using a standard diet. (7.1 kg vs 2.0 kg)

(Source: A. Astrup, Rossne S, Lessons from obesity management programmes: Greater initial weight loss improves long-term maintenance. Obes Rev. 2000 May; 1(1): 17-9 )

You can read the scientific documents from the last 20 years under scientific documents

What do the experts say about Nupo?

“New research shows that a rapid diet can actually be the best method for long-term weight loss. The new study shows that sensible rapid diets and rapid weight loss actually works better for long term success with weight than slow dieting with weight loss in small increments.”
- Susan Roberts (Professor of Nutrition at Tufts University, Boston, USA)

“Nupo is an extremely well-documented diet for achieving rapid and significant weight loss.”
- Ginny Rhodes (Chairperson of the Association of Clinical Dieticians)


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