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You will find a large selection of lifestyle products that help you to keep a good lifestyle. Our products can be combined with eachother, to suit your particular needs. 

Product range: Nupo has One Meal bars and shakes that make up an easy and complete meal for those who are busy and want a meal. In addition, Nupo has diet products for those who want to have an effective weight loss.

Buy products here: You can buy our products in supermarkets in Denmark, online shops or our Nupo shop where you can also find additional information on the various products and buy your favorites. Nupo shop has free shipping on orders over 200 euro. And your goods will be delivered right at your doorstep.

Customer Service: Please feel free to write to us if you have any questions, use the customer service email: ordre@nupo.dk.



      Protein Bite

      NEW: Try the new and delicious Protein Bite with chocolate.
      Our Protein Bite is a delicious protein bar of 40 grams, which contains only 134 calories and 29% protein. A product that will no doubt be a hit among all athletes.

      Diet Value Pack

      New improved taste. Nupo Diet products are the basic element of a Nupo diet. They replace you entire diet and ensure effective weight loss. This type of diet is called a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD). One Value Pack consists of 42 servings for 7 days Nupo Diet.


      Nupo marketplace is where you will find extraordinary good prices on selected Nupo products.
      Note that the products most often have a short shelf life - Information about the expiration date can be found when clicking on the product.