3 simple tricks to easy and healthy snacks

I love food! And especially the little healthy snack that I sometimes eat between meals. I can easily live off the three main meals during the day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), but after a workout or some other physical activity, I feel that I need an extra little snack.

Personally, I think that the best snacks are those which contribute to your satiety without leaving you completely stuffed – and that is exactly what Nupo’s Protein Bites do. Here are some tasty ideas as inspiration for simple snacks, if you do not have one of Nupo’s Protein Bites available.

Almonds are healthy, but their taste can get a little boring, if they are always served raw and natural. If you want them to be a little “candy-like”, you can advantageously mix them with a small amount of liqourice powder in a plastic bag. This is fairly simple and it does not take that long to mage and it has an amazing flavour. You can also add a little chili-powder together with the liqourice powder to add some extra spice.

Another healthy, alternative snack could be homemade granola bars. Firstly, you mix the different types of nuts and grains that are available to you. Afterwards, you add some honey and oat meal to add some sweetness and structure to your mix – and possibly some peanutbutter for extra taste. The mix is poured into a roasting pan – remember to make sure that the mix has the same even thickness. Your mixture needs to be baked at around 175 degrees until it has a nice golden brown colour – the amount of time needed in the oven depends on the thickness of your mixture. When your mixture is out of the oven, you need to let it cool off before you add some dark chocolate on top of your bars.

My personal favorite snack is raw vegetables – I love to peel some carrots and store them in my fridge in a bowl with water. It makes it easy for the whole family to choose a healthy alternative the common snacks, such as chocolate bars, crackers etc. At the moment, I have sweet potatoes stored in my fridge, which I have cut into slices and they taste even more delicious if you spread a little amount of peanutbutter on top of them.