What is ketosis?

“The new black” amongst diets are the so-called keto-diets. A common denominator for these diets are that you consume very few carbohydrates and a larger amount of fat, when compared to the official recommendations. However, what is ketosis?

A simple explanation is that ketosis is a state, in which your body gets its energy from its fat stores instead of the glycogen stores in your muscles. Normally, your body’s fuel comes from carbohydrates, which is stored in the muscles as glycogen. When you decrease/limit your carbohydrate intake, you will force your body to find an alternative energy source – in this case: stored fat. When the body begins to use the stored fat as fuel, the body will transform the fat into ketones, which it uses as a fuel instead of glycogen.

If you read about keto-diets, where you eat regular food with a low amount of carbohydrates, there are many different theories about how many carbohydrates, you are allowed to consume to enter the state of ketosis, and maintain that state. With Nupo’s VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet), you get a lower amount of carbohydrates, than a normal diet – that follows the official recommendations – and therefore you will enter the state of ketosis, by using Nupo’s VLCD Diet Shakes. You will maintain the state of ketosis, by sticking to the Nupo Diet – you can use Nupo’s Diet Shakes for up to eight weeks.

If you start complementing the Nupo Diet with other foods, you might not achieve the same success – to give yourself a better chance for success, you must stay strictly to the Nupo Diet. This is because, if you add other foods to your diet, you might lose the state of ketosis, even though you are still in a calorie- and carbohydrate deficit. It can be very difficult to be on a keto-diet with regular foods, as it is strict regarding the food you may, and may not, eat.

With Nupo’s VLCD Diet Shakes, you get all the necessary nutrients and vitamins, and a calorie- and carbohydrate deficit, which makes it easier to maintain the state of ketosis. A positive side effect with ketosis is that it lowers your appetite, which is smart if you want to lose weight, and this is even though your consuming less calories and a regular diet – it takes a couple of days on Nupo, to get to this state.

Nupo has presented three new products to their VLCD-line, which is an Oatmeal – Apple Cinnamon, and two soups: Diet Soup – Tomato and Diet Soup – Vegetable. This means that Nupo has three soups, which is great as a lunch or dinner alternative, and the Oatmeal is perfect as breakfast. Furthermore, Nupo’s classic Diet Shakes comes in five different variations: Mango Vanilla, Blueberry Raspberry, Strawberry, Chocolate Flavour, and Café Latte. It is important that you stick to the diet, to give yourself the best preconditions for a successful weight loss, and do not complement the diet with regular foods that might affect the state of ketosis.