Men’s health (…or lack of it?)

Did you know that men are not as good at taking care of themselves as women are? If you are in a relationship with a man, this might not come as the biggest surprise. Generally, men are worse at visiting the doctor, when they are sick or feeling down, and men have a tendency to “lie to themselves” and see themselves as being healthier, than they really are.

Men are generally not as good at eating healthy as women are. Men’s health and eating habits have been a subject for research for many years – studies show that men’s education has an effect on their eating habits; a longer education means healthier eating habits. Women are also superior, when it comes to eating fruits and vegetables. There are tons of benefits, which you give yourself if you eat healthy on a daily basis – we are doing our children a massive favour, if we teach them to enjoy some of the healthier alternatives. Children copy their parents from a very young age – we are their idols – so by eating healthy, we have the possibility of effecting our kids, to eat fruit and vegetables as well.

As a dietitian, I rarely experience having single men for my consultations. Their partner usually accompanies the male clients I have. Despite the rarity, the men I have for my consultations are extremely easy to work with, and they show great results when they are given a plan, which they need to follow. The same can be said about the Nupo Diet products, if you follow the instructions, you will mostly likely have positive results.

“Men’s Health Week”, is an international event that starts on the 11th of June, and ends on the 17th of June. The event is used to create awareness about men’s health, or lack of it. If you somebody – more specific a man – that does not eat very healthy, then give them a friendly reminder, and help them to begin a healthier lifestyle.