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+Prime Bundle

This ever so delicious bundle includes a range of all our One Meal +Prime products, and it’s the perfect choice to scope out your favourites – at a really good price!

  • No added sugar
  • Sufficient for weight loss
  • Great variety
  • Easy, safe & efficient!


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This One Meal + Prime bundle is flavor packed with 10 products and contains a delicious mix of products and flavors, all of which are ideal for both weight loss and weight control.

All Our + Prime ready-made drinks and bars in this specially composed bundle, are perfect for you who are on-the-go, the pancakes are a must for fun on the weekends and the Soft Baked bars almost feel like you are eating something sinful! They are all with no added sugar and they are all meal replacements. Easy, safe & efficient!

+Prime Bundle includes:

1 One Meal +Prime Shake Caffe Latte Happiness
1 One Meal +Prime Shake Chocolate Bliss
1 One Meal +Prime Shake Strawberry Love
1 One Meal +Prime Shake Vanilla Banana Dream
1 One Meal +Prime Bar Salted Caramel Fling
1 One Meal +Prime Bar Coconut Crush
1 One Meal +Prime Soft Baked Apple & Cinnamon
1 One Meal +Prime Soft Baked Cookies & Cream
2 One Meal +Prime Pancake Vanilla Treat