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10-days kickstart diet

With our Nupo Diet 10-days bundle, you get a range of our most popular products from our Nupo Diet and Slim Boost series. This combination gives you a perfect start for your weight loss – replace your diet with Nupo Diet, and give yourself an extra boost with Slim Boost.

Kickstart with Diet

Nupo Diet is one of the world’s most well-documented slimming products with more than 35 individual clinical studies documenting fast, safe and effective weight loss. A full diet replacement that gives you all the nutritions you need at an absolute minimum of calories.

Weight control with One Meal

One Meal meal replacements give you 24 vital vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, as well as a high content of proteins and fiber for approx. 200 kcal. per meal. Replace 1 out of your 3 daily main meals for calorie control. Replae 2 out of your 3 daily main meals for weight loss.

“I usually lose motivation quickly, but not with Nupo, because I can see results quickly”

– CHarlotte