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The road to a lasting weight loss

Most people, who have been through a weight loss, end up gaining a few kilos afterward – and some even gain more weight than they lost in the first place. It can be extremely difficult to maintain a new lifestyle that is needed after a finished weight loss when you have achieved the weight loss you wished for.

I usually say that weight loss has no end date, as it is a constant battle to maintain a new lifestyle, and keep healthy habits and get rid of the unhealthy, old habits. Often we wish to lose some weight before a certain event, for example; weddings, but it is certainly just as important to remember the lifestyle after the weight loss.

It is not everybody that can lose weight with the correct tools and guidance. As the biggest obstacle first shows itself after the weight loss has been achieved. Many people have issues getting back on track if they have been on a vacation where the diet and activity level have been different from their everyday. Therefore, an essential part of the guidance in weight loss, if to learn the right portion sizes, and which foods should be avoided completely.

It is all about two things, (1) be aware of your calorie balance: maintain a calorie deficit and (2) never let go of the new, healthy lifestyle – make it a routine. The new habits, gained during weight loss, need to be implemented in your every day for the rest of your life. It is all about keeping a balance, if you choose to eat a piece of cake, or some other sweets, you need to prepare yourself, to give up on something else in your diet. Sweets and other snacks that are eaten between meals might be the reason that your weight loss is not as significant as you have wanted.

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