Tour de France: A chance to get on your own bike

When you live in a bike friendly country like Denmark summer equals riding bikes and off course Tour de France on TV. For many years I was not interested in bike racing or Tour de France, but the Tour de France is actually quite a race if you learn what the participants have to accomplish during the three weeks the race runs.

Whether you watch Tour de France or not it is easy to jump on your bike and exercise. Denmark is fairly flat and does not have hills too steep or any mountains for that matter. You do not need a fancy bike to ride around and when the weather is beautiful it is great to be outside doing things. A lot of people ride their bikes to and from work and it is a great way to get some physical activity built into your schedule. There are several advantages when you ride your bike to and from work instead of driving your car or riding in a bus. It gives you extra freedom when you ride your bike. One of the advantages is that you don’t have to sit in a traffic jam on the highway both going in to work and going home from work. If you can’t normally find the time to exercise it is great to use the time before and after work to exercise on your bike. It takes up to 16 weeks to incorporate a new habit. If you start now, your daily ride on your bike to and from work will be a habit in the fall and you might be so happy about biking that you decide to keep doing it all year round.

If you have a long ride it is important to have the right food and plenty of water. It can be difficult to carry on your bike especially if you only have few and small pockets to carry it in. If you bike on an exercise level to and from work and during the summer occasionally to and from the beach you can bring a One Meal bar or shake in your bag or in your pocket. I experience that a lot of people don’t eat breakfast before going to work and therefore a One Meal bar or shake can be a smart choice with a limited number of calories if you wish to maintain your weight or to lose weight. When eating a bar or drinking a One Meal shake you get what you need in a meal and it is easy to bring along.

If you haven’t been riding your bike for a while and you think it is difficult to ride an ordinary bike you should try an electric bike. It is a completely different experience and I believe that most people will find it fun to ride. I do. It is off course more expensive than an ordinary bike, but it is a different experience and you still get a higher pulse and the benefits of physical activity even though it doesn’t feel as strenuous as riding an ordinary bike. No matter if you are riding an electric bike or an ordinary bike remember to wear your helmet.