Maintain your weight loss

How goes? If you have used Nupo’s VLCD-diet since the New Year, you might have achieved a significant weight loss. If you feel that you could lose some extra kilos, you can continue using Nupo’s VLCD-diet for up to eight weeks.

When you finish Nupo’s VLCD-diet – and return to eating regular again – is it important that you keep an eye on your calorie intake. The most important factor in a weight loss is that your calorie intake must not be higher than the calories you burn. Many people have great success with counting their calories, and there are plenty of applications, which can help you with that. The reason behind the success of counting calories might be that it is basic math. Eat more calories than you burn and you gain weight, eat less calories than you burn and you lose weight.

You can increase your combustion by implementing regular walks in your everyday. If you are not used to exercise, a simple walk in the woods might be a good place to start. The most important part is that you get your heart rate up, and you vary your speed and walk in intervals. There is an application called InterWalk that can be a great helping hand, as it tells you when to increase your tempo, and when to slow back down again.

It is also important that you find a level of exercise where you feel comfortable. If you start out too strong, you might have more (and bigger) setbacks during the beginning. It is a fine balance, as you should not hold back, you need to leave your comfort zone, and try some different things so you can find the perfect exercise for you – it is more than okay to be sore the next day. Use your friends, family, and colleagues as inspiration, but plan your own schedule, as it can be more effective to train by yourself, even though it is nice to train with others.