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Easy and convenient calorie control for weight maintenance

Easy and convenient calorie control for weight maintenance

Nupo One Meal is not a dedicated diet, but meal replacements that you can use to replace 1-2 of your daily meals. The One Meal products are ideal for you that wishes for a minor weight loss – without having to use the time to understand and study the different diets and their principles. You do not have to worry about grocery shopping, cooking or preparation – the only thing you should worry about is what flavour should be your next meal.

Weight maintenance with Nupo One Meal

Replace 2 of your daily main meals with Nupo’s One Meal products, for an easy and convenient way to control your calorie intake and maintain your weight In combination with a healthy and balanced diet, Nupo One Meal can be a helping hand in keeping you in a calorie deficit, without worrying about your next meal. The One Meal products are convenient to bring “on the go” and contains only approx. 200 calories, while providing your body with all the necessary proteins, fibres, vitamins, and minerals. When you replace 1 of your main meals* with One Meal products, you can save up to 300 calories per day, which can help you maintain your weight. If you replace 2 meals with One Meal products, you might have room to eat a delicious  – but more calorie-heavy – meal with friends, family or yourself, and still maintain your weight. We recommend that you have a healthy and balanced diet for your remaining meals, consisting of fruits, vegetables, proteins and whole wheat alternatives for carbohydrates (e.g. brown rice) with a high amount of fibres.

* The main meal usually contains around 400-500 calories.