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Festival Season

The Festival Season has already begun, and there are festivals all summer. Festivals often mean good music, fun with friends, and alcohol.

It can be a challenge to attend these festivals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Even though you intend to eat healthily, it can become difficult the moment you enter the festival area, and the party is going. If you just finished a weight loss, it can be challenging to “let yourself go” and join the party. Many of my clients are constantly afraid of gaining weight after their weight loss. I am very vocal about the fact that my clients need to enjoy life while maintaining a healthy lifestyle – a festival or a vacation, is not the ending of a weight loss, as long as you are able to “get back on the horse” when it is over. There needs to be room to have fun, but if you “have fun” every day and make unhealthy decisions, it will have an effect on your weight.

Nupo’s One Meal series is the perfect “festival-buddy”. The One Meal Bars and One Meal Shakes can be used to replace 1-2 meals per day if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When you replace a meal with a One Meal product, you will only eat about 200 calories! You can make a “festival kit” for yourself, or if you have kids attending a festival, it would be an obvious addition to their backpacks.

When you need to lose weight or want to maintain your current weight, there are two things you can adjust – (1) your calorie intake, and (2) your activity level. In a weight loss, you need to eat fewer calories, than your body uses. This balance should be adjusted if you wish to maintain weight. Another solution is to heighten your activity level or a combination of both. When attending a festival, it is an obvious chance to increase your activity level, by dancing the extra calories away.