Sanne Salomonsen – Singer & TV personality

The Nupo-products have been incredible for me.

I often replace a meal with Nupo, and it helps me maintain my weight.

When I want to lose weight, I only eat Nupo for a period, where I add either chicken or fish to my soup.

And the new bars from Nupo Life are like candy for me, so I do not feel guilty when I want something sweet.

Nupo has really managed to develop their products, so they have a wide variety in taste.

– Sanne Salomonsen

Enock M. Poulsen – IBF Junior World Champion in Light Welterweight

As a professional boxer, I use Nupo’s products to achieve my goals and ambitions.

Nupo’s products are a great help when I need to reach a target weight for a specific day.

There are probably a few that can relate to this. Wanting a certain weight for a specific day.

I use Nupo’s Diet Shakes when I want to reach my target weight before a fight, as it is a quick and convenient method, where my health and energy level are top priorities.

I use Nupo’s One Meal Shakes and Bars to control the number of calories I consume during my daily life.

– Enock Mwandila Poulsen

Jeppe Morell – Professional boxer

Nupo is a crucial piece of the puzzle for me when it comes to managing weight. With their products, I know exactly how many calories I get and what nutrition my body gets from the product.

In addition, Nupo is great when you are busy and do not always have time to cook, in between workouts or abroad during training camps.

I particularly enjoy One Meal Bars and One Meal Shakes – the liquid nutrition is particularly good for absorbing nutrients quickly after weighing in, where the deposits in the body need to fill up quickly.

– Jeppe Morell

Viktor Hald Thorup – Professional speed skater, Olympic participant in 2018, and medal hope in 2022

In elite sports, it’s not just about training hard! It requires a mentality and lifestyle that gives you the best conditions for success. Through my bachelor’s degree in Nutrition & Health, I became aware of the impact of diet on performance and learned how to use it for my own benefit.

I leave nothing to chance, and have chosen to team up with Nupo – so I am assured of a solid diet wherever I am. To keep the weight down, cut before contests or control my intake, I make use of Nupo’s One Meal, Protein Bite, and One Meal + Prime.

Their products are easy to carry on my travels, as I spend 150-200 days a year abroad, and you can never be sure of the quality of the food at the hotels.

– Viktor Hald Thorup