What is the Nupo Diet?


World’s best Documented VLCD* brand

Nupo is the world’s most well documented VLCD-brand, with more than 35 individual, clinical studies, documenting the indisputable results.

The purpose of the Nupo diet is to create the most efficient and responsible diet for you that wishes to kickstart a weight loss. With Nupo Diet, we help you lose weight in a simple and efficient manner. A total diet replacement, low in calories and high in nutritional value. Perfect for you, who wants an efficient and lasting weight loss, or if you want to maintain a sensible lifestyle. Let Nupo help you reach your goal!

What have you got to lose?
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The Nupo diet provides you with:

A fast, safe, and efficient weight loss.
A responsible and well documented diet that gives you a fast and healthy weight loss.
A diet that replaces all your meals with 6 daily Nupo Diet meals (shakes, soups, or oatmeal).
A diet that provides you with a calorie intake on approx. 700 calories per day.
A diet that gives you all the essential nutrients, which your body needs.
A diet that is easy and convenient to prepare and to bring with you.
The preferred diet by the Danish people for more than 35 years.

The Nupo diet is a Very Low-Calorie Diet where you drink 6 shakes per day. The diet provides you with all the nutrients that you need – and at the same time keep your calorie intake below 800 calories per day.


Easy and convenient meals

Enjoy Nupo Diet 6 times a day, and combine across Nupo’s Diet Shakes, -Soups, or -Oatmeal as you prefer. All you’ll need to get started, is your favorite Nupo Diet flavour, water and a Nupo Shaker – a quick and easy total diet replacement!

Nupo Diet is developed to support you in up to 8 weeks, after which you can have 1-2 weeks with an energy restricted diet before starting up the Nupo diet again. Dieting is individually and only your end-goal defines how many times you want to use the Nupo Diet products.

*VLCD is short for Very Low Calorie Diet

How it works

When consuming fewer calories than your body use over a periode of time, you will begin to lose weight. On the Nupo diet you consume approx. 700 calories per day, which is significantly less than your body use during a day, and therefore you will lose weight – nothing magical about that.

Carbohydrates are the body’s primary energy source, but with Nupo’s Diet products, you will receive a maximum of 70 grams of carbohydrate per day, and therefore you force the body to find an alternative energy source. After the first 1-2 days, the body’s stored carbohydrates will be empty, which means that it begins to use fat to create energy. The body breaks down its stored fat, it creates ketones that it uses as an energy source. When this happens, the body is in a state of “ketosis”, which is a natural state that is characterized by a relatively low – but stable – blood sugar level, a high content of ketones in the blood as well as high fat combustion.

Ketosis is affecting people’s appetite and results in a decreased feeling of hunger, which probably is one of the reasons that many – after a couple of days on the Nupo diet – feel less hungry despite a reduced energy intake. When your carbohydrate intake is limited, and your body is in a state of ketosis, it might be difficult to get the recommend amount of vitamins and mineral if you follow a regular low calorie diet. The Nupo diet provides you with all the essentials nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that your body needs during a weight loss. Replace your daily meals with 6 Nupo Diet products per day – and you will see and feel the results fast!

Enjoy living while losing weight

Nupo Diet is a simple total diet replacement solution for you that wishes an easy way to lose weight, enabling you to focus on the important things in life – and not wasting time, energy and resources on groceries and cooking. Use Nupo to kickstart your diet and become a lighter and healthier you!

We believe in you! #shakeittillyoumakeit