Nupo | Clinical Studies

Nupo’s VLCD (Very Low-Calorie Diet) products have been used for over three decades in Denmark. The story of Nupo and our products dates back to 1981 and since then we have provided products for effective and safe weight loss. The name Nupo is a combination of the words “Nutritional Powder”.

Nupo was developed at Hvidovre Hospital in Denmark by leading obesity researcher Dr. Flemming Quaade in cooperation with the company Oluf Mørk A/S, which was primarily responsible for commercializing the name. Since the early 1980s Nupo’s VLCD products have been tested and approved in more than 35 clinical trials and they are being continuously developed and tested by research teams at hospitals throughout Denmark.

The present overview consist of clinical studies picked out from the very beginning of the creation of Nupo until the present time (September 2018). The criteria for the studies in the overview is the relevance of the different topics examined. When treating obesity it is of great importance how the weight loss affects the person regarding a number of factors, i.e. bone mass, lean body mass, fat body mass, cardiovascular risk factors, hunger, etc.

Even though the composition of Nupo’s VLCD product has changed a bit since the early days –  the powder now includes fibers, the topics and results of the studies made at that time are still highly relevant and we conclude that the inclusion of fibers in our products would not have shown any differences in the results of the studies.