One Meal Bars

Nupo One Meal bars offer a convenient, delicious, and nutritionally balanced meal with around 200 kcal. Perfect for hectic days, exercise routines, and managing your calorie intake, our One Meal bars provide a wholesome option when you're on the go.

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Meal Replacement Bars

Nupo One Meal Bars is a meal replacement that can replace 1-2 of your daily meals per day. The Nupo One Meal products can be used if you want to obtain a minor weight loss or to control your weight – all without compromising the essential nutrients. With Nupo One Meal replacements, we have made it easy for you to consume a healthy, delicious meal with a complete nutritional composition while being low on calories. Nupo One Meal Shakes, -Bars, and -Pancakes are ideal for a busy everyday schedule, exercise, or simply to keep your weight under control.

Nupo One Meal +Prime bars

One Meal +Prime bars are meal replacements that have a bit more to offer than conventional meal replacements bars – always without added sugar. You will get a high protein- and fiber content, combined with all the important vitamins and minerals, as well as the essential linoleic acid in One Meal. All of that for approx. 200 kcal per serving – without compromising on taste, which is in a league all by itself.

Nupo Protein Bites

Nupo Protein Bites can be used as a “quick bite” between meals or as a better alternative to unhealthy, sugary snacks, all without filling you with empty calories. Nupo Protein Bites are delicious, creamy bars with a high protein content, and a low amount of calories, which can help you control your weight.

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Showing all 10 results