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If you want a simple overview of the most common allergies or other food preferences of our products, you have come to the right place.

The list below provides an overview of our entire product range, but if you want to see the entire product’s content declaration, you can click on the product name to find more info on the product page.

Regarding consumer information and statements: The information on the packaging of our products is always the one that is valid. If you have any questions regarding allergies or content that are not answered here, please contact us at info@nupo.com.

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Product NameFree from lactoseSuitable for vegans?Free from eggsFree from soyFree from nutsFree from glutenNo added sugarsFree from GMO
Diet Meal - Chili Sin Carne
Diet Meal - Couscous
Diet Meal - Egg Omelette
Diet Oatmeal - Apple & Cinnamon
Diet Shake - Blueberry Raspberry
Diet Shake - Caffe Latte
Diet Shake - Chocolate Mint
Diet Shake - Chocolate
Diet Shake - Mango Vanilla
Diet Shake - Strawberry
Diet Soup - Spicy Thai Chicken
Diet Soup - Tomato
Diet Soup - Vegetable
One Meal +Prime - Apple & Cinnamon
One Meal +Prime - Cookies & Cream
One Meal +Prime - Chocolate Bliss
One Meal +Prime - Strawberry Love
One Meal +Prime Pancake - Vanilla Treat
One Meal +Prime RTD - Caffe Latte Happiness
One Meal +Prime RTD - Chocolate Bliss
One Meal +Prime RTD - Strawberry Love
One Meal +Prime RTD - Vanilla Banana Dream
One Meal Bar - Brownie Crunch
One Meal Bar - Caramel
One Meal Bar - Chocolate & Mint
One Meal Bar - Chocolate
One Meal Bar - Lemon Crunch
One Meal Bar - Strawberry Cheesecake
One Meal Bar - Toffee Crunch
Protein Bite - Chocolate
Slim Boost +Medical Device Calorie Fighter
Slim Boost +Medical Device Fat Fighter
Slim Boost Burn My Fat
Slim Boost Fill My Tummy
Snack Bite Chocolate Break