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These carefully crafted diet plans is designed to cater to your body’s needs, offering a wide array of vitamins, minerals, and other essential components.
With wellness at the core of these plans, the convenience and simplicity enable you to seamlessly integrate them into your daily routine.
These plans offer a holistic approach to reaching your goals while maintaining balance and promoting wellness.
So, why wait?

Begin your transformative journey today and unlock the potential of these simple and efficient diet plans
to lead you to success.

800 Kcal

The fast and effective

  • Fast and effective plan
  • Covers all your nutritional needs
  • Expect fast results
  • Track your progress with our free app

1.200 Kcal

Mix with regular food



  • Everything from 800 kcal plan
  • Enjoy something sweet during the weekends
  • Mix with your favourit food
  • Free recipes

1.500 Kcal

Balance with recipes



  • Everything from 800 & 1200 kcal plan
  • Balance your days with more flexiblity
  • Full dinner with your family

800 kcal

The fast and effective plan with 6 Diet portions per day

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What do you get on the Fast & Effective plan?

  • Nupo Diet is a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) that is fast, safe and efficient.
  • A responsible and well-documented diet, with more than 35 clinical studies. documenting the indisputable results.
  • A diet that replaces all your meals with 6 daily Diet portions (mix between shakes, soups and meals)
  • A diet that gives you a maximum of 800 calories per day.
  • A diet that provides you with all the essential nutrients your body needs.
  • A diet that is easy and convenient to prepare and bring on-the-go.
  • A diet that has been continuously tested and developed for more than 40 years.

Mix it

Shake it

Enjoy it

How the 800 kcal plan works?

When consuming fewer calories than your body burn over a period of time, you will begin to lose weight.

On the Nupo diet you consume approx. 800 calories per day, which is significantly less than your body burns during a day, and therefore you will lose weight.

There’s nothing magical about that.

Carbohydrates are the body’s primary energy source, but with the Nupo Diet, you will receive a maximum of 50 grams of carbohydrates per day, forcing your body to find an alternative energy source.

After the first 1-2 days, the body’s own stores of carbohydrates will be empty, which means that it begins to use fat to create energy.

The body breaks down it’s stored fat, and it creates ketones that it uses as an energy source. When this happens, the body is in a state of ketosis, a natural state, characterized by a relatively low, but stable, blood sugar level, high content of ketones in the blood and high fat combustion.

What is the Nupo Diet?

The Nupo Diet are tasty and nutritious diet meals and is known as a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) which is sometimes also referred to as a Total Diet Replacement (TDR) or a Formula Diet. The Nupo VLCD is a total diet replacement that is specifically developed to give you a
simple, safe and effective diet.

Simple, because there are many flavours to choose from and you don’t waste time, energy or resources on shopping, making a diet plan, cooking and counting calories.

Safe, because the Nupo Diet is an evidence based diet with over 35 clinical studies ensuring that you get all the important nutrients your body need.

Efficient, because you avoid any food waste, each meal costs less than a regular meal and the results speak for themselves.

All 6 portions per day

Everyday you can combine all the Nupo Diet products as you please according to your personal tastes.

Remember it is very important to consume all 6 portions when you are on a Nupo Diet, whether you use the Fast & Efficient plan or whether you choose the 1200 kcal plan or the 1500 kcal plan. This way you are guaranteed to get all the nutrients your body need to get through the diet in a safe and healthy way.

Remember that weight loss and overall health are multifaceted, and it’s essential to approach them holistically. Balance your calorie intake, focus on nutrient-dense foods, incorporate regular physical activity, and consider long-term sustainability for lasting results.

We believe in you!


Create your own meal plan

Combine as you please – We offer a great variety of different tastes – For easy, safe and fast weight loss

recipe Image
recipe Image

Pick your favourite taste

Choose between cold shakes, creamy soups and warm meals

“My customers come to me for a lasting weight loss and a lifestyle change. With a personalized diet plan combined with Nupo, the pounds melt away. Nupo boosts the weight loss, and it happens quickly. One works on oneself and one’s habits. The result is a healthier lifestyle and a weight loss that lasts a lifetime.”

Lisette Winther Registered Clinical Dietitian
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