Healthy Snacks

Select Nupo’s Protein Bite for a swift 130 kcal protein boost, perfect for on-the-go nutrition. Alternatively, indulge in the sugar-free crunch of Snack Bite Chocolate Break for a delightful anytime treat.

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Healthy snacks

Indulge yourself with a deliciously snack from Nupo! How about a chocolate covered crunchy biscuit with soft creamy filling? Or a Protein Chocolate Bite, with a sweet taste of milk chocolate – for you to grab when you need a small, tasty, and powerful protein bar? Nupo snacks are perfect for those moments when you need an extra special treat – without a guilty conscience!

Perfect snacks

When you are on a diet, it is often a big challenge to stay away from sweets. Once the craving shows up, it’s really hard to let go of the thought before the body gets what it’s really craving. To facilitate your diet, we have developed snacks that are both useful and perfect when the craving for sweets is at its greatest. Our snacks also contain no added sugar. Instead of going to the store and buying your favorite candy, you have the opportunity to find your favorite during the diet. Our Snack bite is perfect as a snack for coffee or as a substitute for Saturday candy – and contains only 113-137 calories per serving!
Our snacks are part of our meal replacement collection

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Showing all 3 results