The history of Nupo and our products dates back to 1981.

The name “Nupo” is a combination of the words; Nutritional Power.

Nupo was developed in Denmark at Hvidovre Hospital by leading obesity scientist Dr. Flemming Quaade with the purpose of offering a diet that provided the body all the nutrients it needs, but with a minimum number of calories.

The Company is located in Copenhagen, and works with development, production, marketing and sales for both the Danish and international markets.


The vision is still the same as when Nupo was established back in the day: To make diets a positive experience. In the late 1970s, civil engineer Oluf Mørk comes up with the idea for the ideal diet. A diet for those who want to kickstart a weight loss journey and maintain a stable weight and where you could eat what was forbidden in other diets. 

In order to turn dreams into reality, Oluf Mørk initiated a collaboration with leading nutrition researchers.

One of the key values has always been that Nupo should be well-founded in scientific research and clinical trials.


Nupo has four different product categories: Nupo Diet, which is a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLDC) or a total meal replacement  consisting of cold shakes, soups, dessert and warm meals, Nupo One Meal, which are replacement bars and ready-to-drink shakes, Slim Boost, which are supplements and Nupo Care which is a medical device . The products can be enjoyed separately or can be combined. Nupo is approved by the Ministry of Environment and Food Denmark as a full diet replacement.

Nupo enables you to replace your daily diet, entirely with Nupo Diet products, throughout the diet program.



Nupo celebrates its 40th Anniversary.


Nupo launches new website


Startup in Malta


Startup in Hungary & Holland


Relaunch of the Nupo Diet with new design


Launch of SLIM BOOST

Nupo introduces three brand new, revolutionary slimming supplements; Fill My Tummy, Burn My Fat & Block My Carbs.


The first Nupo products can now be purchased in China


Nupo is acquired by IBL Holding


The first export adventure

Nupo starts exporting to Slovenia, Croatia, Ireland, and Slovakia.


New shakes

A new Diet Shake: Mango Vanilla, is launched along with two new Meal Shakes: Blueberry Pomegranate and Vanilla Banana.


New Snack bar.

The Snack Bar category is launched with the Blueberry Snack Bar and Cranberry Snack Bar – a new line of products consisting of meal replacements.


Redesign of Nupo

Nupo receives a redesign and is relaunched as a lifestyle brand. The assortment is expanded with two new Meal Shakes: Cocoa and Caffe Latte, a Meal Bar: Caramel, and two new Diet Soups: Spicy Thai Chicken and Vegetable.


A new product category is introduced

Meal Bar and Meal Shakes are launched – A new line of products consisting of meal replacements.


Nupo – A lifestyle brand

Nupo introduces a pioneering, new packaging design as well as an improvement in flavors with e.g. freeze-dried strawberry and real cocoa.


Nupo launches online diet programs via


Nupo introduces hot soups

Nupo expands the Diet category, and launches two new, hot soups: Diet Soup – Asparagus & Diet Soup – Mushrooms.


Nupo is launched in Scandinavia and quickly becomes the leading product on the market


The demand is increasing

The demand is rising, and the distribution is heavily increased.


Nupo is the most well-documented diet product on the market


Nupo is launched in Denmark


Nupo gets permission to combine nutrient powder with vitamins


The most well-documented diet

Numerous controlled clinical tests are conducted on the effect of the powder.