Meal Replacement Shakes

One Meal +Prime bars offer high protein, fiber, and essential nutrients without added sugar. At about 200 kcal per serving, enjoy uncompromised taste in flavors like Caffe Latte, Chocolate Bliss, and Strawberry for a nutritious boost.

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Nupo Meal Replacement Shakes

Nupo One Meal is a meal replacement that can replace 1-2 main meals a day. The One Meal products are made specifically to obtain a lesser weight loss, or for weight control – without compromising on important nutrients. With Nupo One Meal, we have made it easy to grab a healthy, tasty meal with a complete nutritional composition and low-calorie content. Nupo’s One Meal Shakes, Bars, and Pancakes are ideal for those busy days, working out, or just for keeping your calorie intake under control.

Ready To drink Shakes

Our One Meal +Prime are meal replacements that have a bit more to offer than conventional meal replacements, also called Ready To Drink Shakes. You get a high protein and fiber content – combined with all the important vitamins and minerals as well as the essential linoleic acid in One Meal – always without added sugar. All of that for approx. 200 kcal per serving – without compromising on the taste. We offer different delicious tastes such as Caffe Latte, Chocolate Bliss, Strawberry, and more.

Vegan Shakes

Our vegan shakes are a flavourful meal replacement with a powerful blend of plant-based protein including all essential amino acids. It contains a high number of fibres and active ingredients from nature’s own sources that will help you to a successful weight loss. No compromises on taste either. We got tastes such as Strawberry Love and Chocolate Bliss.

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Showing all 6 results