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This bundle contains 4 optional Slim Boost products, where you have the option to decide the combination for yourself. Create the combination that suits your diet and needs.

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Nupo Slim Boost – select 4

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Slim Boost - Burn My Fat

Burn My Fat boosts fat burning and promotes metabolism. 5 active and documented ingredients assist in weight control and breakdown of fat depots. Therefore, use Burn My Fat on days when you are less physically active

 11.89 each

Slim Boost - Fill My Tummy

Fill My Tummy gives you satiety and stabilizes your blood sugar, to avoid overeating and sugar cravings. Therefore, use Fill My Tummy before meals and around the time you usually get sugar cravings, for example in the afternoon

 11.89 each

Slim Boost+ Fat Binder

Fat Binder blocks the consumption of up to a whopping 540 kcal. from fat in the diet – per meal. Therefore, use Fat Binder when, for example, you prioritize eating french fries, gravy, high fat meat, cheese, cream, etc.

 12.24 each

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Slim Boost+ Calorie Fighter

Slim Boost+ Medical Device Calorie Fighter is a clinically proven supplement to be used in the treatment and prevention of excess weight and obesity. Lowers your daily calorie intake by approx. 800 kcal.

 13.15 each
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