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Success Guide with Point List (Free)

The success guide with points list (the former Nupo Briksystem) is a tool that takes you by the hand from decision-making to your goal and gives you the best conditions to maintain your great weight loss results afterward.


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Nupo’s guide to success on how to obtain a lasting weight loss, is an update on the former ‘Brikbog’. We have written the guide for the people who are on a mission to change their lifestyles. The guide leads you by the hand, all the way from decision making, until you have reached your goals, through to how you can maintain your great results.

At Nupo, we work daily to help individual users achieve their goals, and we know all the challenges. The temptations in the supermarket, portion size and cravings. On a busy day, things should preferably be easy and quick. There are many reasons why the calories find their way to our fat depots and when the weight then becomes problematic, the solution should also be easy and fast and the results should preferably prove prompt. But it takes time, motivation, and willpower to change habits. And while most people know what to do to achieve weight loss, it’s not always easy to put knowledge into action – it requires some tools that can help make life a little easier.

THE BRICK SYSTEM IS BACK – now as a Point List. The Success Guide contains e.g. a comprehensive list of foods and drinks divided into four different colors. We call it the Point List and it is a tool that can help you learn about the calorie content of different foods, categories, and amounts. The point list is very flexible and therefore it is possible for you to tailor your own diet plan, leaving room for cravings you do not want to be without. At the same time, the point list can be used when the weight loss goal has been reached and subsequently must be maintained. The Success Guide partially educates you to achieve your weight loss, gain an understanding of your body and how and why different foods affect a person’s  weight, giving you the best conditions to maintain your weight loss results afterwards. You will find everything from quizzes, typical challenges, FAQ, myths and facts about health & nutrition, small hacks to achieve your goal, motivation and knowledge about nutrients – to a number of delicious recipes, you can eat during your Nupo diet – and also once you have achieved your goal.

If it still becomes too unmanageable to overcome, we are always ready to help you.
We know you can do it! And we are cheering for you all the way.