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Are you ready for the wedding season?

It is always nice to be invited to a wedding. You get to wear a gorgeous dress or suit, and you get to meet new people and maybe old friends that you have not had the time to see for a while. I am always super excited to see what kind of food we are having – I am a huge food lover.

I often hear my clients say that they would like to lose a few pounds before a given date. Maybe the dress they bought on sale for their best friend’s wedding is a size too small? If your dress or suit that you are determined to wear at the wedding is a size too small or if you are the lucky one who is getting married and wants to lose a few pounds before the big day, you still have the time to do it. Even if the party or wedding is only a month or a few weeks away you can manage to lose some pounds before the big day if you start now.

There are lots of strategies to use when it comes to losing weight. Common to all of the strategies is that you have to eat fewer calories than you burn. One strategy is counting your daily calorie intake. Many people achieve very good results from logging all the food, they eat every day when counting calories. If you have the time and the courage to log all the food you eat during the day there are lots of apps and programs available on the internet and in App-stores. You need to make a profile and register your age, gender, height, weight, and the average level of physical activity. The program or app calculates how many calories you can consume each day and still lose maybe one or two pounds a week. Another strategy is portion size control. If you eat approximately the same amount of food every day you can lose weight by simply make your portions smaller. A third strategy is to use Nupo’s VLCD powder. When using Nupo’s VLCD powder, your intake is only around 700 calories per day and you will therefore be in a calorie deficit and lose weight. You can also substitute a meal or two a day with Nupo’s One Meal products, One Meal shake, or One Meal bar only contains around 200 calories. When using One Meal bars or shakes as a meal replacement for breakfast or lunch you can easily keep track of your calories and you can still eat dinner with your family.

It is all the excess calories that make you gain weight. Most people know, what it takes to lose a few pounds, but sometimes it can be a great help to have a professional dietitian design a personal plan or to give you advice about how to prepare your food in a smarter and healthier way.

Very often people just need to make some small adjustments to their daily eating habits and it is possible to lose weight without eliminating certain food groups from your diet. There is even room for a glass of wine or a small piece of cake in a diet plan that still leaves you in a calorie deficiency if you desire a glass of wine or a piece of cake. The most important factor is that your diet plan fits your regular eating habits and that the food components are similar to what you normally eat.

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