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Banana popsicles with dark chocolate

Simply desert delicious! Not to mention a fun and healthier option to serve to your guests or your family – and toppings can be to your very own liking. Enjoy!

You’ll need:

5 ripe bananas
150 g dark chocolate (min. 70%)
50 g almonds

How to prepare:

Finely chop the almonds. Peel the bananas and chop them in half. Insert the popsicle stick in the bottom of each banana piece. Be careful not to split the banana. Afterwards, melt half of the chocolate using a bain-marie, then add the rest of the chocolate. Either dip the bananas into the melted chocolate or coat them with a brush. Then quickly sprinkle with the almond pieces while the chocolate is still melted. Place the banana popsicles on a cutting board or other flat surface, and place in the freezer. Let them freeze for at least 4 hours.

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